Rylary (rylary) wrote,


It is so easy to slip back into something that you're comfortable with. So easy to just pretend that everything is alright, rather than actually facing the cold hard truth.

Sweeping things under the rug to make everything feel medically clean. Comfort is something we all strive to achieve. Once we leave thatt zone, we start to feel unease, question things around us, and the nerves just get the best of us.

People believe in pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. They go on adventures and do crazy things that test themselves to the limit. Once they are out of their comfort zone, they feel such adrenaline.

But if that rush is what they seek to achieve, why dont they constantly surround themselves with that rush? Why not do crazy things all day long? Why do they at the end of the day go home and enjoy the comforts of their own home? Surely they must feel something?

Once you're familiar with something, it is so easy to slip back into that familiarity. All the name calling, all the little things you share with each other, just all comes naturally. You forget all the pain that you suffered, all those nights you cried yourself to sleep.

Comfort is a strange thing. It makes you do crazy things so that you can come back to that warm feeling. It pushes you away to only draw you back in.

No one ever talks about it..but you know its there.

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